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11 Predictions for the future of Travelling

As we wait for Elon Musk to transport us to the moon, this future-forward travel tech is more than just hype.

Traveling in 2021 and beyond is going to look a little different. While spontaneous, carefree adventures may be on hold for a while, technology has stepped in to make the overall traveling experience smoother and a lot more convenient. From autonomous vehicles and augmented reality guides, smart hotels, and high-tech gadgets, these are some forward-thinking innovations we hope to be embracing soon.

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We’ll Get Around via Autonomous Vehicles

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You’ll Pay Using Cryptocurrency

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You’ll Be Keeping Tabs on More Than Just the Weather

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Cleanliness Will Be No Longer Be a Nice to Have

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Your Face Will Be Your Boarding Pass

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Virtual Travel Will Replace Armchair Travel

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Augmented Reality Will Elevate the Travel Experience

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The Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be Everyone’s Best Travel Buddy

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Cashless Tips Will Become the Standard

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That way, 100% of the tip (or a proportion of pooled tips) goes to the intended recipient. Voice tipping using in-room Amazon Alexa devices will also become a thing, so housekeeping never misses out on a gratuity

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The AI Concierge Will Do All Your Bidding

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Expect a Health Screening Upon Arrival

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