Cashless tipping platform for the hospitality industry

Fair, direct and cashless tip jar for waiters, bars, restaurants, hotels

TackPay is the digital tipping platform for bars, restaurants, and hotels.
Nowadays with the development of the internet, there are more and more people using their smartphones in restaurants.

We propose a solution to help waiters on these occasions. With TackPay, customers can go to the restaurant without any worries, find a waiter they like and tip him without giving cash.
We make this possible for restaurant customers or visitors by using current technology on smartphone or tablet devices.

We want to make tipping easier and more flexible.

Now with TackPay, you can leave a tip by entering the amount on your phone screen.

TackPay makes the process of tip collection and distribution among staff a simple and painless task.

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Tipping. Simplified. Cashless tipping platform for individuals and venues