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Understand why is fundamental to have a digital tipping solution in 2021 and discover some of the most popular TackPay use cases

Some TackPay’s digital tipping solutions

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s 2021 and cash is being used less and less.

By now, all payments go through credit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, or payment apps.

You may not care about all of these things, but if you work in the hospitality industry you need to, because they’re all factors that will influence customer buying behaviors.

If a customer pays their bill with a credit card, well then chances are they don’t have cash to leave you a tip, and they want to do it with digital payment methods.

In this context, a…

No tip for waitresses who don’t agree to lower their masks: the MASKual Harassment phenomenon is increasingly widespread in the USA, and has its roots in the salary insecurity of female workers.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

“Let me see your face, so I know how much to tip you”, “I have to keep my distance, I can’t touch you?”, “Can you show me your lips?”: these are just some of the phrases that many US waitresses would be forced to endure since they work with a mask. The One Fair Wage association, which has been fighting for wage fairness in the USA for years, has coined the term MASKual Harassment to describe the phenomenon: from “mask”, “sexual” and “harassment”. That is, sexual harassment in the time of the coronavirus.

The report produced by the association highlights…

From a lawsuit over stolen tips, DoorDash ends up paying $2.5 million and changes its policy on rider compensation

DoorDash, a Bay Area delivery company, has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle a government lawsuit accusing it of stealing tips from riders and misleading customers into believing tip money was going to Dashers.
Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine filed a civil lawsuit last year and in a press release accused the San Francisco-based company of “lowering labor costs by stealing tips left for workers.”
Racine claimed that “DoorDash led consumers to believe that tips would go directly to workers delivering groceries, when in fact it was treating this money as extra profit for the company.”

A very generous tip indeed the one that rapper Drake left to two McDonald’s waitresses

Drake eats at McDonald’s and leaves a $20,000 tip to two unsuspecting and surprised McDonald’s waitresses who for once were more than happy to work the night shift.

It happened in the middle of the night when the rapper was in the mood for a snack. After it was served, he started chatting with the two girls who were working and when it was time to pay the bill he added $20,000 in cash as a tip.

The whole scene was filmed by a student who was in the fast food restaurant, which with a live feed also showed…

2017, London: clashes with police, blocked streets, smoke bombs, arrests. Waiters accuse the company of withholding up to 75% of tips

According to the United Voice of the World union, the amount Harrods would have taken from workers was 5,000 pounds a year per restaurant staff member, out of a total of about 450 workers.

The problem wasn’t new; in fact, it wasn’t the first time that stolen tips from employees had been discussed. In fact, the British government had considered legislating on the issue.
Harrods, for its part, overhauled its internal tip management and allocation system.

We hope and think that the situation has changed to date. In any case, this story is a striking case of how, in order to change things and be heard, there is strength in unity.

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Starbuck has been ordered to refund $100 million (yes, you read that right) in tips to its employees. Will it have helped them learn their lesson?

A $100 million tip. That’s what about 100,000 employees and former employees of the Starbucks coffee empire in California will have to share among themselves. This is what Judge Patricia Cowett of the Superior Court of San Diego has established, condemning Starbucks to pay the sum of 86 million in back tips, which employees were forced to share with the directors of the stores, plus 14 million in interest.

The magistrate has sanctioned the illegality of that part of the internal regulation that obliges Starbucks baristas to divide the tips received with supervisors and managers, a sort of ‘lace’ on…

Waiters exploited as robots, nowadays, in the world of tourism and catering, are the norm. 16 hours a day with a salary of about 1000 euros per month, underpaid and forced to work many hours more than the legal maximum.
Cooks, waiters and catering staff, all affected by this tragic phenomenon… Try asking those who have done a few seasons in any tourist resort, even better if in a village … There are no breaks, only exhausting hours for a salary anything but adequate.

By now everything has been lost, including the presence of the Italian state which no longer…

Being a rider these days is like going to war 🪖 Watch out friends!

Violent episode last night in Rua Frati Minori (Modena), where a young man was punched by a customer. A 35 year old Italian man, already known for predatory crimes, was arrested and will have to answer for robbery and will be tried today.

According to the local newspapers, a delivery boy was delivering a pizza in Rua dei Frati. The customer, after opening the door, instead of paying the 13 euro, hit him with slaps and punches. The poor rider ran away and once back in the pizzeria alerted the Police.

The Police then went to the address indicated and…

People often wonder how much to tip at restaurants depending on where they are in the world. The answer is: as much as you want! However, there are some customs that we could follow… let’s see which ones!

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Tipping at restaurants, how to behave once you have asked for the bill at a restaurant or pizzeria? Here’s a few… tips!

Let’s just add a general premise: if you don’t leave tips in cash, always try to use TackPay! This is the only way to make sure that your money always ends up in the waiter’s pocket!

Tipping in the United States

In the United States tipping is a must. Its value varies between 15 and 25% of the bill. It is important not to forget this, since in this country the waiter’s salary depends largely on the extras given by the customers. …

Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar opened its doors in Ohio in October 2019. It was led by chef Moussa Salloukh, who immediately led it to success. Today, the restaurant has 28 employees, many of them at home due to the Covid crisis. So a mysterious customer, Billy, decided to make them have a better Christmas.

Source: Business Insider

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