Cashless Restaurant Tip: Why It’s The Future Of Tipping & How You Can Start

4 min readDec 30, 2021


Every waiter would love to come home every shift having earned a bunch of cash money in tips. And we know you are probably thinking about how you can use your phone for tipping. At TackPay, we’re ready for this mindset shift and we want to show you why it makes a lot of sense to pay and receive the tip with your device.

Tipping is about rewarding good service

Cashless restaurant tipping is the future of the industry. TackPay, a cashless tipping platform made for restaurants and waiters, provides customers with an easy, fast and seamless way to reward their servers and other establishment employees for great service. More importantly, it ensures servers will get credit for their work and smoother transactions on both ends. Ultimately, it is a revolution that streamlines the process and benefits both parties.

Cashless tipping is growing because of the convenience and fairness it offers both customers and servers. With a cashless tipping system, you can tip with a credit card or Apple Pay (if the restaurant has TackPay) right at the table. The process works similar to how we pay for things in the real world. For example, if you’re buying a coffee at Starbucks with your card, you can tap your card on the screen to pay — no need to hand over cash or to fumble around with coins. Cashless tipping is just like that — except the “coffee” is actually your server’s name and your tip amount. In some cases, like when paying with Apple Pay, you don’t even have to enter any digits.

Cash is slow and we have a better way

In a world where everything is going cashless, we think it’s time to go cashless when it comes to tipping as well. We’ve tried this system of “cashless” tipping in the past and it has worked really well for us and our staff.

What is cashless tipping?

Cashless tipping is a new way of tipping your server at a restaurant. Rather than pulling out your wallet or purse, you can simply add the tip to your credit card directly from your phone. This means that the transaction time is significantly reduced, there are fewer bills to count and everyone gets paid faster. It’s also better for business owners because when you tip with cash you run the risk of leaving money behind or accidentally giving too much, and most importantly, with TackPay, tips go directly to staff without going through company books.

How do I tip cashless?

All you need to do is to scan the QR code and add an amount that you want to tip (usually 20%). The server will have a TackPay account which will process the payment. You can then leave the restaurant knowing that your tip was processed correctly and safely!

TackPay is made for workers and restaurants

Providing a superior experience to guests

The no-cash tipping trend has been picking up steam, thanks to an increasing push from restaurants that seek to provide superior experiences to guests. Tipping is a controversial subject. It’s an unfortunate reality that many servers, bartenders, and other hospitality professionals rely on tips as part of their overall income. However, these professionals are often tempted to prioritize customer service over profit margins in order to secure larger tips. They work with the expectation that they will receive additional compensation for their efforts, but if they overstep their boundaries, they can be punished by customers who will simply take their business elsewhere.

A cashless system offers numerous benefits for both customers and employees alike, including: Encourages Higher Quality Customer Service — This system has proven successful for certain establishments because it encourages employees to provide high-quality service in order to receive higher tips. If an employee knows that he or she will be receiving an automatic tip regardless of customer satisfaction, then he or she will be.


The advantages of cashless tips are clear. It’s a convenient alternative for all involved — the customer, the business, and the server.

Smart restaurants and workers have already embraced cashless tipping. Remember, not only is cashless tipping more efficient, but it’s also safer and more convenient.

Will you be the next?

If you are a tipped worker interested in making more tips and taking them directly, check out this page 👉




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