How one restaurant tripled its tips using TackPay

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You’ve heard it before: People love to tip. But if you’re a restaurant owner or manager, tips can be tricky. You have to deal with long lines of hungry people and an even longer list of employees who all want their share of the tips. To help you out, I’ll walk you through a few ways we’ve tripled the tips in a restaurant without sacrificing quality or service.

Restaurant which receive and manage tips cashless with the digital tipping platform TackPay
Restaurant use TackPay to let cutomers tip cashless staff member

The problem with a traditional tip jar

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced the frustrations of using a tip jar. Here are some reasons why:

  • Customers can’t tip staff directly without cash.
  • Tips must be counted by someone else and then distributed to the staff. This wastes time and costs facilities money, as they need to hire (maybe) someone to count the tips each night, who may not be as efficient or accurate as the waitstaff would be.
  • Traditional tip jars are old-fashioned. They aren’t secure and it’s easy for them to become targets for theft by dishonest employees or customers who have sticky fingers from all those delicious desserts on display in front of them at all times (which are free).
  • Tip jars aren’t flexible enough for workers like yourself — you may want more than just cash tips!

How TackPay works

TackPay is a cashless tipping app that allows users to send, receive and manage tips. The app will be available for both Android and iPhone.

TackPay is free for restaurants and hotels, so if you’re a restaurant owner or hotel manager who wants to offer your customers an easier way to tip your servers, you can use this app for free. TackPay also offers its services to servers and tipped workers who want to accept tips from customers via the QR code(instead of cash). TackPay retains only a percentage of the tip made.

QR code displayed in a venue to let customers tip directly and cashless
These QR codes boost cashless tips 3x. They are a perfect visual reminder to tip the staff

How one restaurant tripled its tips

Tips are a big part of the income for restaurant staff, especially those working for tips alone.

In some restaurants, cashless tipping has improved the tip amount and overall experience for customers, who don’t have to worry about being stuck with an unhappy server at their table or dealing with change. It can be used to increase employee engagement and motivation as well.

The first venue to activate the digital tip jar was The Brisket, located on the Navigli: data in hand, in just a few months since activation it has collected more than 800 euros in digital tips that otherwise would have been lost.

Explaining the reasons for this choice is the owner, Lucas Duretti:

“The customer today is used to paying everything by credit card and demands simplicity, speed and transparency in every component of the service, including tips. We used to refuse tips from credit cards, now instead we offer a simple and innovative experience! TackPay has been a win-win revolution for us: we serve the customer better, and the staff is very happy to have transparent access to tips.”

It is important for the development of our industry to be able to import successful practices from abroad: the adoption of TackPay is a small step of innovation that transforms tipping from a problem to an opportunity for all Ho.Re.Ca. players.

restaurant staff using virtual tipping platform TackPay for receiving cashless tips
The staff of this restaurant benefited from many more tips and an incredible management and transparency of them

Other benefits of TackPay

TackPay has a lot of other benefits, too.

  • Increased staff satisfaction: With TackPay, your staff will be able to use their tips in any way they choose. This means that they’ll feel more satisfied with their work and more motivated to provide great service.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers will love having the ability to leave tips in real time during or after meals. No longer do they have to wait until the end of the meal or worry about forgetting cash at home!
  • Increased staff productivity: TackPay allow you your employees to get tips through the platform (rather than handing them cash), it makes it easier for them to track what they need and when — which means less problems for both you and them!
  • Increased customer loyalty: Happy customers are loyal customers who keep coming back for more; TackPay helps ensure that this happens by making sure everyone gets exactly what they want out of their experience with your business.
  • Increased staff retention: Employees who are happy with their work environment tend not only stick around longer but also do an excellent job while they’re there!

There’s never been a better time to look at cashless tipping.

Never before have there been so many options for cashless tipping. With the help of technology, restaurants, hotels and bars can now provide their customers with a seamless way to leave tips.

  • This method is more secure than cash or credit cards, making it harder for servers to be shorted on their gratuities.
  • It helps prevent customers from overpaying or underpaying in a busy environment where they may not want to stop what they’re doing and dig out change.
  • Servers can get paid faster because the payment process doesn’t involve waiting for checks or cashier lines at the end of their shifts
  • Increases morale among employees who work hard every day but often don’t feel appreciated by customers who don’t offer proper compensation (and are then surprised when service goes downhill).
QR code printed and showed to customer who want to reward great service. Cashless tips go into virtual tip jar of the venue, so directly to the staff members
Show the QR code its the crucial part to let people know about this new opportunity and to boost tips in your venue

When restaurants and hotels go cashless, they need to support their staff by creating tools that empower them to increase their income in other ways.

While the benefits of going cashless are obvious for venues, it’s important for them to support their staff by creating tools that empower them to increase their income in other ways. For example, TackPay is an employee tool that helps restaurants and hotels go cashless while also providing a secure way for employees to collect tips from customers. This means that when you go out to eat at a restaurant that uses TackPay, your server can give you the option to leave them a tip on your phone or tablet by scanning a simple QR code. This way, instead of having all those extra dollars coming out of your wallet and into someone else’s hands (the bartender’s or bartender-in-training’s), they’ll be staying with the people who made your experience better in the first place.


We can see that there are many ways to increase tips, and one is TackPay. The key is to find the right one for your business and implement it in a way that increases customer satisfaction while decreasing the amount of work on staff.

If you have a tip-heavy business, then it’s important to find ways to increase your staff’s tips and give your customers more opportunities to leave them. If you don’t have many ways for customers to leave tips, consider adding some in order to boost them.




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