How to avoid a tip massacre in 2022

We all know that in recent months a simple paid job was already too much and even rare, but we are not blind, we table-observers realized that from those leather wallets were coming out more and more visas and less and less cash.

Telling the jar that it’s all over won’t be enough to make it flourish again.

Our 2022 tip jar

A change of strategy is more than necessary to avoid a tip die-off.

For those who don’t see this as a problem, I suggest checking your envelope. The salary of a bartender, a delivery boy, a waiter is ridiculous … and will always be worse….the least you can do is to protect those acts of kindness and turn those smiles into gasoline and toilet paper.

Let’s not joke guys, for my whole career I lived on tips and the rest went to the bank ✌️.

Luckily I have here for you a bunch of solutions to continue living on tips.

You have already guessed the paradigm shift… you have to collect tips with other methods than cash… ok…but HOW?!

Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here what you have to do:

  • put an atm in your venue, just kidding sorry 🤡;
  • suggest the use of Venmo to customers and give them your username;
  • same thing but with Cashapp;
  • create a virtual collection with PayPal…I don’t like how they call it… it’s not a collection but it does the trick 🪄;
  • buy a portable pos (it starts at 30$) and keep it in your pocket until someone wants to leave you a direct tip by credit card;
  • create a profile on TackPay and compress all of the above into a QR code. The user scans the QR and without any registration or frustrating apps leaves a tip with credit cards, Alipay, WeChat, Apple Pay, BLA BLA

Why (obviously) I’m suggesting the last one:

you can’t chase after customers’ hundreds of payment methods … and because I built TackPay with my Team 🤙

TackPay is a virtual tip jar that aggregates all the major payment methods, needs no explanation to the customer, and it takes just 10 seconds 🏎;

Your Thor’s hammer: best ally to save your tips.

Create now your QR code 👉 TackPay

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