Digital tipping app use cases

Understand why is fundamental to have a digital tipping solution in 2022 and discover some of the most popular TackPay use cases

3 min readJun 21, 2021
Some TackPay’s digital tipping solutions

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s 2022 and cash is being used less and less.

By now, all payments go through credit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, or payment apps.

You may not care about all of these things, but if you work in the hospitality industry you need to, because they’re all factors that will influence customer buying behaviors.

If a customer pays their bill with a credit card, well then chances are they don’t have cash to leave you a tip, and they want to do it with digital payment methods.

In this context, a digital tipping app like ours will come in very handy.

In fact, with TackPay, you’ll be able to receive digital tips directly to your bank account. If you work in a team, you’ll also be able to automatically split them with your colleagues.

Once registered, you will receive by email a series of graphic elements that will help you communicate TackPay to your customers.

The crucial point is to inform the client of the possibility of leaving a tip with TackPay, in total security, without contact and without depending again on the use of cash.

To this end, let’s look at the use cases of our platform.


The most typical use case is the waiter. If you work in a restaurant, in caterers or inside bars and pubs, you can’t do without having TackPay, one of the best waiter apps. Ideally, you should have your QR Code (or that of your team) placed above the tables, or at the cash register. Alternatively, show it to the customer yourself: from your phone, with the sticker or pin you wear, or prepare tickets with your QR Code on them to take with the final bill.


Here it’s very simple: print your QR Code and put it on the counter. Anyone who wants to leave a tip just needs to scan it, and you’re done.

Hotel staff

For those who work in hotels, the case is very similar to that of restaurants. The best thing to do is to have QR codes placed inside the structure: on the desk in the lobby, in the door markers, in the menus, near the WIFI password or printed directly on your receipt. If you’re in contact with customers, wear your QR Code or show it at a tip.


If you are a rider you have many ways to inform the customer. You can wear one of our badges (or create one yourself), insert a flyer in the envelopes you deliver and stick the sticker on your backpack. In this way, with each delivery you will exponentially increase the possibility of receiving a tip, without cash and even at a later time.

These are just a few of the ways to communicate TackPay in a simple and discreet way. Feel free to experiment and find the approach that best suits your context.

Use your creativity and if you like, suggest a new way to propose to TackPay users.

If you are a tipped worker interested in making more tips and taking them directly, check out this page 👉




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