Tipping is Broken: Here’s How We’re Fixing It

3 min readDec 30, 2021


Tipping is broken. Cash tips are an inefficient way to pay for services rendered, often making it possible for scam artists to run off with your hard-earned money. That’s why we created TackPay, the next generation of tipping. We wanted to redesign how people tip one another in the 21st century. When you use our service you don’t need cash and you can be guaranteed that your tip will be received by the intended recipient.

Lack of transparency on tips

People who tip are happier, more loyal and make more money. Tipping is one of the most universal methods for acknowledging someone’s work. It has been around for ages and will be for decades to come. Yet, many people are dissatisfied with the current tipping system — a hire-driven model seemingly designed to make workers feel powerless that many restaurants have adopted. We believe that tipping should be less of a burden in the employee/customer relationship and more of an opportunity to reinforce quality service as well as it should be inclusive, engaging and fun.

Tipping is inefficient, plain and simple. It’s inefficient for businesses, who are left with the task of accurately monitoring their employees and redistributing tip funds. It’s inefficient for employees, who are left with no choice but to split their tips if they want to be rewarded equally. And finally, it’s inefficient for consumers, who must carry cash around from restaurant to restaurant, rather than paying through a convenient and smarter system.

It’s inefficient to have a bunch of employees running around with cash

Have you ever waited for change at a restaurant or the bar? Watching your waiter or bartender run back and forth to the cash register can really ruin a good meal. And while they are doing that, they are taking away time from other customers who might need their help. Managers end up wasting money because too many employees are counting bills in the back room. It’s inefficient and needs to be changed.

Tips aren’t necessarily motivated purely by generosity, they’re also spurred by technology

The traditional system of tipping needs an upgrade, and it’s not just old-fashioned generosity that’s fueling a shift in how we think about gratuities. It’s the advent of digital tipping, which has opened up new avenues for restaurants, bars and even taxis to engage directly with their customers for feedback. We’ll look at why the new technology is changing the way we tip our servers.

How tips work on TackPay is both revolutionary and simple

With TackPay we’re bringing tipping into the 21st century.

Completely revolutionizing the way people pay, TackPay is a new way of thinking about tips and gratuity. Whether you’re at dinner, buying a drink at your favorite pub, or having food delivered to your door, Tackpay allows you to make sure the tip goes to the person who deserves it the most.

I know what you’re thinking, “what the heck is TackPay, and why should I care?” Well, the title speaks for itself. We’re on a mission to make tipping easier than ever. And with our new feature, tipping just got waaayyyy easier.

Tips are a cashless and efficient way to pay for services rendered

Have you ever wanted to give a tip to someone but didn’t have any cash on you? If so, then TackPay was built for you and for that person who could have received an extra tip.

We’ve taken the pain out of tipping so that the most memorable moments are not hindered by forgetting your wallet. Stop worrying about cash and let TackPay make tipping easy.

If you are a tipped worker interested in making more tips and taking them directly, check out this page 👉 https://www.tackpay.net




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