Why you should use a cashless tipping solution in your bar, restaurant or hotel

5 min readAug 11, 2022



With the ongoing decline of cash payments tipping has 2 options: evolve or disappear, and since for many workers it represents a key part of their revenues we cannot allow this to happen.

Consumers want to tip you with credit card

Consumers want to tip with your credit card. Why? It’s much more convenient for the customer and for everyone involved in the transaction. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, which means that you can offer customers a seamless experience when they come into your bar or restaurant. Your staff will also be able to accept tips directly from their phone or the QR code displayed in your venue without having to go through any manual processing steps at all — it’s just another way that cashless tipping solutions enable businesses to provide better service and higher levels of quality control, while also making sure that their employees are motivated by higher tips rather than by paychecks alone (which is why so many companies have switched over).

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It will save you money

  • Cash is a physical object that can be stolen.
  • Cash handling is time-consuming and requires the attention of multiple people in your business, which means you’re likely to have more employees than customers.
  • Customers are not used to using cash payment systems; most prefer credit cards or digital payments that don’t require them to carry around loose bills on their person at all times.

This means less risk for businesses because when someone tip with a credit card or mobile app, there’s less chance of someone stealing them while they’re out shopping or traveling somewhere else (which happens all too often).

Stolen tip jar
tip jars are stolen every day

You will attract and retain better customer service staff

You will attract and retain better customer service staff.

Staff are happier and more motivated when they don’t have to worry about the money situation. This makes them feel valued, which can lead to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and loyalty for your company. Staff who are happy with their jobs are also more likely to stay with you longer.

They’ll be able to provide better customer service than if they had been working for a cash-only business model where tipping isn’t required or encouraged by management (and sometimes even discouraged).

You will be offering a more convenient service

One of the biggest benefits of using a cashless tipping solution is that you will be offering a more convenient service to your customers.

The use of cash tips in bars, restaurants and hotels can often lead to problems. For example, if there is no record of how much money someone has tipped or if they have inadvertently given an incorrect amount or even stolen from their wallet, it can cause serious legal issues for everyone involved (including yourself).

This problem can also lead to staff having difficulties counting all their tips before paying out at the end of each shift and then trying to track down which customers have left large amounts at random times throughout the day when they should still have been counted during those same shifts. This can be very frustrating for both parties involved and lead many people away from taking up such services again when it becomes apparent that they do not work well here!

Staff happier to receive tips through TackPay tipping platform

It will improve customer satisfaction

  • Customers will be happier.
  • Customers will be more likely to return.
  • Customers will be more likely to recommend the business, and even refer others who have visited your establishment as a result of tipping with cashless technology in place.
  • The overall satisfaction of customers is enhanced by the ability for them to use their preferred method of payment when paying for goods or services at a bar, restaurant or hotel lobby area — and this translates into increased spending levels as well as extended times spent at your establishment (which ultimately means greater revenue).

Cashless tipping solutions are better for the customer, business and staff

It will save you money. You’re already paying for the tip jar, but it’s still up to your staff to get customers to put their cash in it. And if they don’t do that, then the customer can leave without leaving any cash behind — which means no tip!

You will attract and retain better customer service staff. With a cashless tipping solution in place at your bar or restaurant, you can make sure that all of your employees are trained on how to use it properly get the best from it.


We can see that there are many ways to increase tips, one is TackPay. The key is to find the right one for your business and implement it in a way that increases customer satisfaction while decreasing the amount of work on staff.




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